Equine Services & Facilities

Spacious surgery suite In-House Lab and Pharmacy

All stalls and foaling stalls with padded floors

Large examination room Dental and standing surgery stock

Isolation stalls, outdoor paddocks and shelters, covered arena

Client coffee bar Padded induction/recovery



Having an equine emergency? We are ready for your horse emergencies. Call 780-662-0112 at any time of day or night. We have equine veterinarians on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lameness & Pre-purchase

Lameness evaluations are performed at West Wind or at your farm. Veterinarians are equipped with new portable wireless digital x-ray machines and ultrasound to allow accurate diagnosis.

Treatment options may include: joint injections, IRAP, PRP, stem cell therapy, shockwave, acupuncture, mesotherapy, and rehabilitation recommendations.

The purpose of a veterinary pre-purchase exam is to identify any health or lameness concerns prior to purchasing a horse, such that you can make an educated decision on the purchase. Our pre-purchase exam includes: complete physical examination, musculoskeletal exam, lameness evaluation and if requested, radiographs, ultrasonography, endoscopy, specialist consult, coggins and drug testing can be performed. See this AAEP link for more information.

Diagnostic Imaging

Portable wireless digital x-ray machines allow high quality imaging in hospital and on farm. West Wind has portable ultrasound machines that are an effective diagnostic tool for tendon and ligament injuries, abdominal, thoracic and reproductive evaluation.

West Wind has an in-house video endoscope that is an excellent diagnostic tool for upper airway and respiratory disease. In addition, it is used to diagnose gastric ulcers and bladder stones. Intraoral cameras are available for diagnosing dental disease. Portable scopes are available for farm calls.

Our experienced equine veterinarians use these tools to augment their observational and palpation skills, helping diagnose and treat your horse effectively.


West Wind is prepared to deal with a wide variety of routine and emergency medical problems including colic, colitis, neurological disease, neonatal care, infectious disease, and any other problems your horse might have. We are equipped with in house laboratory equipment, colic stalls, mare-foal stalls and isolation facilities.

Appointments with board certified veterinary Internal Medicine specialists, surgeons, Cardiologists and Ophthalmologists can be arranged at our hospital.


An annual thorough oral exam (and dental float if necessary) is very important to the well being of your horse. We will assess the horse's head and mouth for disorders that may affect feed utilization, athletic performance, and overall health. Dental evaluation and care should begin as a foal and continue throughout your horse's life stages.

We are committed to providing excellent dental care, have special training in dental procedures, and we actively pursue continuing education on dentistry. Along with routine annual dental maintenance, the following services are offered by our experienced veterinarians: extraction of unsalvageable teeth, radiology of the head and teeth, geriatric horse dentistry, miniature horse dentistry, performance horse dentistry, corrective incisor alignment for malocclusions such as overbite, underbite, dorsal or ventral curvature of incisors, diagonal bite, etc. and emergency care of injuries to the head and mouth.

Dental x-rays are used to determine if there are retained tooth fragments; fractured, diseased or infected teeth, and to detect the presence sinus, guttural pouch, or bony abnormalities of the head.


West Wind Veterinary Hospital has a fully equipped surgical facility, skilled veterinarians, and visiting board certified equine surgeons to provide all forms of surgical care to horses.

Surgeries performed at West Wind include colic, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, fracture repair, throat surgery, castration, wound management, C-section, and standing surgeries: enucleation, sequestrum or mass removal, and bladder stone removal. You can count on us to help you with emergency and routine surgery information.


Providing preventative health management is something every horse owner is passionate about. We can help you decipher the real value in a treatment modality.

Our vets provide exceptional care for your horse during in-clinic and ambulatory appointments, and will listen to you, your concerns and address your questions about any diagnostic, medical, surgical or rehabilitation protocol. Wellness services offered include: physical examination, dentistry, vaccination, fecal egg counts and deworming, coggins and US health certificates, and nutritional consults. Working with the other professionals (massage therapists, chiropractors, and farriers) that help you achieve your equine goals - we also offer husbandry, podiatry, and nutritional consultation. We can also help you prepare an emergency contingency plan for the animals in your life.

Please see the following links for more information and guidelines:

AAEP Parasite Control


External Parasite and Vector Control


Our veterinarians are experienced in reproductive ultrasonography for heat cycle detection and pregnancy diagnosis.

The hospital is equipped with extra-large foaling stalls with 24/7 video surveillance. All mares presenting for foaling have a foal alert placed and are monitored around the clock. Foaling is monitored and assisted by an equine veterinarian. All newborn foals receive neonatal care and management for a minimum of 24 hours post- foaling.

Artificial insemination with fresh or cooled semen may be available on an ambulatory basis only.


West Wind has veterinarians certified in acupuncture. Acupuncture can be used as a treatment aid for a variety of conditions including lameness, pain and neurological disease. We also have staff certified in equine massage therapy and we are proud to offer these services to our patients.